About Us

We are professional and creative, with years of real-world experience. Our mission is to be widely recognised as the most trusted and creative IT Consultancy of IT skills and resources in the US market. We believe in providing excellent levels of service to our clients by fully understanding their needs and requirements. Remote IT focuses to work in partnership with its clients and this collaborative approach results in added value to its clients.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give all individual people and all kinds of organizations the help they need to fix any computer problem they experience simply and quickly. Our sole purpose is to provide fast, immediate computer troubleshooting solutions with a no-hassle experience.

Our Values

Providing high quality IT services and solutions intensify our commitment to offering the widest and most creative range of technology - on a variety of platforms - powered by strong partnerships with some of the well known names in the industry.


"I couldn’t be happier with my choice of using Remote IT for my new website. Their team were easy to work with and helped me make a terrific website in a short amount of time.
Thanks again guys for all your hard work I will recommend you to all my friends!"

"Remote Support provides bullet-proof infrastructure to keep critical systems not just running, but running well, and for the long haul."

"We have worked with Remote Support for almost a decade now, and are always impressed by the wealth of knowledge and expertise. Whether it be a networking, hardware or software issue we can always count on getting the job done."