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TheGreatMindz is a global provider of expert outsourced customer technical support and e-business services Job. Recently established, it has a team of highly professional Workers; engineers and developers, who many years served to major companies of New York City.
Our cost effective and flexible approach focuses on helping companies of any size, either delivering on a specific project, or taking responsibility for all aspects of their I.T.

One of the core functions of our managed service is to proactively monitor and manage your in-house or externally hosted IT systems.
We do this using secure access and configuring 24X7 monitoring on your all critical services so we can proactively deal with an event before it becomes a potential incident.

We are Now Hiring !

Truviews is expanding and looking for new IT talented workers. If you have relevant experience and looking for part-time/full time rewarding job please call us or send us your email at the bottom. We will get back to you as soon as possible : )

** We respect your privacy, and will not abuse your Email in any way

TRUVIEWS is NOT and affiliate with non of products owner we support. We simply make solving simple and complex technical issues a lot more easy. If you still holds warrenty for any of your problematic products we suggest you contact your reseller first.

Remote Access Tools

If you would like to offer remote computer support then there are many different options which you can use following which your customers can give you complete access to your computer directly.


The best part of using this software is that its free and offers you with One to One connection which means that you can connect to one device at a time and in case you would like to connect to multiple computers then you will have to pay for the same in the form of commercial License.

** Disclaimer - Please Remmeber  that results may vary from individual to individual dpending on your needs

Our basic hourly fee job is $25 per hour. For more detailed quote please contact us via phone or via our contact page